Health is Wealth

Run2Play is paying you for your fitness activity, and automating charitable donations from your earnings to the causes you care most about.

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Earn Coin

Your steps earn you coin with the Run2Play app.

Do Good

We automate charitable donations to causes you care most about through the AVA Foundation.

Achieve Goals

We help you stay on track by suggesting attainable daily goals.

Challenge Friends

Everything is more fun with friends, so challenge each other and let your best self shine.

The Fitness Motivation Application

Motivate yourself toward a more active lifestyle by doing good for others while you do good for yourself.

Do Good, Earn Coin, Give Back

Run2Play leverages the AVA Foundation and their technologies to offer real world rewards for your Fitness activity. It’s easy! You do the walking or running and we reward you and the charitable causes you sponsor with AVA Coin.

Stay Healthy And Have Fun

Run2Play helps you create meaningful relationships by motivating yourself and others toward a healthier lifestyle.

Get Fit. Earn Coin. Give Back.

Join us and let’s just Run with it.

Join our Discord for Early Access to Run2Play!